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Details on our company’s history




A mixed team of Austrian and Chinese technicians starts working on a new Aquajet model.  


The new factory production starts. A new model of Aquago is developed. A big quantity of Aquago machines are exported to Angola.  


A second factory halls starts to be constructed with an additional surface for field testing of 50.000 m2.  


Oneaqua becomes market leader in China for hose-reel irrigators.  


Start of production of first aquaspin models.  


The factory moves to another location where new factory halls and offices have been built next to a large area for field testing and research. Creation of the first “Full Function Timing Monitor and Automatic Portable Water Cleaner” together with the National Hi Tech Project. Increase of 70% in total turnover.  


Confronted with world crisis, we succeed to achieve a new sales record and 100% increase of turnover. Start of the cooperation with Poettinger Austria for the assembly and sale of grassland & tillage equipment.  


Irrigators are sold all over China, in Australia, Cuba, India, Mongolia, The Netherlands, Peru, Poland, South Africa and Ukraine.  


One of the first enterprises in obtaining the “National Water-Saving Certificate”.  


The experience and technology gained in China allow future research mainly thanks to the award of “National High-Tech Enterprise” for National Projects of Irrigation.  


The process capacity of the factory reaches world-class level and the products start to be delivered all over the world.  


A prototype of present aquago model is developed thanks to independent research and development. Its unique advantages of compact size, low energy consumption, automatic control and easy operation made it instantly very popular in China, accompanied by immediate mass export to international markets.  


Distribution of the first hose-reel irrigators produced in China in the whole country.  


Manufacture of the first hose-reel irrigators (the base of present aquajet model) in China and start of mass production with a quality control system and under the supervision of Austrian experts.  


Official establishment in the Jinan High-Tech Industrial Development Zone.