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1. Low connection pressure

Thanks to the new developed turbine, only a low connection pressure is needed for efficient irrigation which saves  


2. Fast retraction speed even with low water flow

The retraction speed can be manually adjusted enabling the user to select the precipitation rate according to crop´s needs.  


3. Precise winding meachanism

A precise and gentle winding up (in juxtaposed layers) of the PE pipe is ensured at all time to achieve long maintenance-less operation periods.


4. Easy extraction of the PE pipe

No machines are needed to unwind the PE pipe, human force is enough.  


5. Comfortable operation

The sprinkler cart is loaded automatically into its transport position at the end of the irrigation strip. This allows an immediate transfer to another site without needing any further manipulation.  


6. Corrosion protection

The hot-dip galvanisation of the trolley and the sprinkler cart guarantees a long-lasting value of investment.  


7. Adjustable sprinkler cart

High clearance and adjustable track width allow a high degree of versatility according to crops and planting pattern.  


8. Protective cover

The plastic cover protects the turbine mechanism and provides additional safety to the user during the manipulation of the machine.  


9. Oversized tire

Big sized tires allow an easy operation even on rough ground.